A few years ago, as I was beginning to take my first steps into the world of photography, I felt that, whilst my art and design background gave me "the eye" for a picture with decent compositions, I really had no proper idea or process of how to control a camera. In all honesty, a lot of my images were being produced by luck rather than judgement. I found that very frustrating. In short, I needed to develop and understand my camera if I was to progress to a decent standard.


I had been ‘talking’ on-line, with Mark after we had been introduced by a mutual friend. He was very complimentary about the Lakes images that I had on my site and that he had seen on social media. To be honest, because of the reasons mentioned, I was reluctant to meet him at first, as having researched his background I felt that he would wonder who on earth is this girl who cant even use a camera properly! However, I eventually plucked up the courage and I arranged a meeting. I needn't have worried at all as Mark was very understanding and appreciated my honesty. We hit it off immediately and during that meeting I let slip that for several years, I had also been an Area Learning and Development manager, covering the North of England and for a time Scotland, for a major fashion brand. In the conversation, Mark mentioned that due to his increasing workload, he had been looking for a photographer to work with but had to fulfil several criteria, namely 'a novice' who he could mentor, who would work in the same way as himself and someone who had been involved in training and was keen to assist on workshops....

Luckily that was me! 

An official Ambassador for LEE FILTERS, he is one of only a distinct few across the world to be awarded the status of ‘LEE Master' and he is, rightly, very proud of that honour. He is also an accredited, award-winning member of the British Institute of Professional Photography and was made a Fellow by them because of his specialist and original work in the Lake District and Snowdonia. He also won the prestigious #OMGB award in The Sunday Times Landscape Photographer Of the Year. That particular image is now used by the British Government to promote the UK across the globe. He is a writer too for many magazines and a member of the 'Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild’ who regularly commend his photographic work. For over 35 years he was the Director of the Home Office national Video and Photography course and lead trainer, running his professional landscape work alongside that. You can imagine my trepidation at meeting ha ha! 

Wast Water Sunset by Mark

Since that initial meet, Mark has mentored me and my photography has come on in leaps and bounds. My confidence has grown and I have taken an increasing role in assisting on the workshops. I find it very rewarding working with his clients and delighting as their knowledge and abilities develop. 

Mark's bespoke Landscape Photography Workshops are in high demand and he regularly undertakes them for photographers from across the world. Always tailored to the needs of his clients these are usually 1-1 or very small groups and take place in the Lake District or in Snowdonia with myself often joining and assisting.


As well as the workshops, I arrange the PHOTOWALKS with Mark and occasionally accompany him to the talks that he gives. .

He is very proud to also be supported in his work by  LEE FILTERS, BILLINGHAM BAGS, BERGHAUS, PACER POLES and