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Have you received a camera and want to get the most from it?

Maybe want to buy a workshop as a gift for someone?

Don't want to be one of a crowd on a group workshop? 

"I would invite you to read the testimonials which Mark & I are proud to post on here and are written by 'students' who have now become friends! 

MARK  has been teaching and running Lake District and Eryri (Snowdonia) landscape photography workshops and courses for over 40 years now and personally learns something on every one that he undertakes. I have been lucky enough to be mentored by Mark over the last 5 years, now working as his assistant on both his 1-1 workshops, which are fully supported by LEE Filters, as well as running our immensely popular PHOTOWALKS together.  It is a pleasure to be asked to guide people, so that they can progress and attain the photographs that they want to proudly show off. That gives us great satisfaction!

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“A heartfelt thank you to yourself and Vicki for the support you have both given me in the world of landscape photography. This was my third workshop and I’m sure people would ask why come back again? Well for me it is simple, I have been very fortunate to have found a very talented, knowledgable and respected photographer, a pure master of your trade, (although you do still need to put more work in on the jokes ) in addition and more importantly, you both have a really effective teaching style that adapts to the individual, which improves the whole experience and makes the learning journey enjoyable.
I have seen my journey with you both to date as 3 modules of development. Each module building on the last whilst broadening the knowledge and pushing me that bit harder with challenging composition. 
In an odd sort of way, the poor weather on the first morning ( low cloud and rain) was a huge benefit! The images I captured are amongst the best I have taken, so there is a lesson in itself eh! 
I know you both understand how photography is not just a hobby for me, at times it seems like a panacea, even more so now I can see improving results.
Will I be back for more? Well, for now I need to put everything into practice and consolidate the learning, but, the  learning curve is steep and where better to learn but with you both. Oh.....and I’m keen to get out to Wales as the area you are working in looks amazing.
Vicki and Mark, you are truly genuine people and a pleasure to be with, thank you and hope to see you again.”

Bob Preston, Staffordshire

“Mark, many thanks from both Jean and myself for a thoroughly enjoyable and productive workshop in the Lakes this week. We got more out of it than we thought we would and despite everything the weather threw at us! Jean has already done a couple of sessions processing her photos and we have set aside a couple of days next week to re-visit Kelly Hall Tarn and Hodge Close Quarry areas. This will be to put into practice what we have both learned. Not only did your sessions on the structure/control of the photo-taking process prove invaluable for us both but you enabled us to see a few places we had previously visited with totally fresh eyes. Many thanks for your good company and your patient approach. Vicki, it was great to get to know you - another bonus! We look forward to working with you both again and we'll share some ideas on calendars in the coming weeks....and maybe have a look at Snowdonia. Once again thank you for a fantastic learning experience. till the next time! “

Les and Jean Price, Lancashire


“I came all the way from Canada for a 3 day workshop with Mark in the beautiful Lake District because I was totally amazed with his method of shooting images. I had followed him on instagram for a while and knew he would be good to work with. I was right.
I had been on several workshops before and considered myself a decent photographer but when we sat down to go through his method I was puzzled yet ready to learn. However, it did not take long to feel at ease going through all the steps he was teaching me which are actually simple and easy to follow. Believe me they produce amazing results. Why don’ t other pro’s teach or work this way? With his 1-1 attention and being lucky that his assistant Vicki was there as well, I began to take photographs on a different level.
As one of his attendees had said previously, he should patent his method of doing landscape photography as everything is near perfect in the camera! They are right. Our processing took less than a minute!! The 3 days were very easy going with both Mark and Vicki and everything was so enjoyable. The places we went to are so beautiful and spectacular. I have honestly learned so much in just a short time and most importantly I think I have captured the SHOT of my lifetime. Thank you so much Mark and Victoria.”

Bernard Lim, Canada

" Yet another great day with Mark (my third to be exact) only this time I was accompanied by my wife, Teresa; an enthusiastic beginner who is eager to convert from ‘holiday snapper’ to someone who’s photographs make you go ‘wow!” We were joined again by Vicki who took Teresa under her wing whilst Mark continued to provide me with yet more insights into the art of composition (and his infamous sense of humour!). For us Mark’s workshops, routed in the dramatic scenery of the Lake District, have provided the ideal opportunity to learn so much - yet only in a day at a time - and always whilst having such a great time. Mark and Viki are without doubt professionals and have a a wealth of knowledge to share. Both are so evidently passionate about their subject.....but be’s infectious!"

Sheldon and Teresa Rowles, Oxford


“This was my second workshop with Mark but this time in Eryri (Snowdonia). His knowledge of the area is fantastic and he chose the selection of locations to further enhance my development which meant that I had wide variety of images and challenges for the week. We were deep into mountain country and the weather was very changeable, ranging from bright warm sunshine to amazonian torrential rain (I kid you not!) and on days like that you do sometimes think ‘what if we can’t go any where? Just what do we do??’ I needn’t have worried because Mark's local knowledge meant that he was able to maximise every day and choose suitable locations for me. Consequently, I was able to have a full week of photography and learning. We were joined by his assistant, Vicki Procter on a couple of the days and she is also a very good teacher who sometimes looks at things in a different way. I liked that. As before, Mark's teaching style was relaxed and professional. He has been ‘doing this for a long time’ now and it really shows. He fully understood my needs and ensured ways I would and did progress so that my photography was able to move a lot further forward. That famous Danish beer company don't do photography workshops, but if they did .......”

Jim Butler, Devon


We had the best fun learning day with Mark! We both needed to get back to using and taking our cameras off automatic and we achieved that in the most enjoyable way. We had a great morning going over the basics which Mark teaches in the simplest way to remember. He started by critiquing our photos in a hugely helpful way and then we undertook a bit of fun class work so we could obtain the best from the camera in the most simplistic way. He made it so understandable and nothing was hurried or too much trouble. After the ‘classroom’ work, we went out on location to put it all into practice on a hugely enjoyable shoot after which we had a quick lesson in Lightroom. The whole day felt ‘slow’ in the best sense of the word . Nothing was rushed. Everything was geared so that we not only appreciated the cameras we had but just as importantly, spending time just enjoying what we were doing with the ultimate aim of shooting some great photographs. Which we did! I cannot recommend Mark and Vicky highly enough. If you, like me, had stopped using your camera in preference to your iPhone and want to really know what to do with your camera, and get the enthusiasm for starting to use it again, then without a doubt Mark is your man. Enthusiasm is his middle name and we can’t recommend him any higher!

We also run club specific group workshops ..............

" I would like to thank you both on behalf of the members of of the Lancaster Photographic Society who attended your excellent one day workshop by the River Brathay. To say that we all thoroughly enjoyed our day, despite the typical lakes weather is an understatement! Just our luck too, being sandwiched in between fine and sunny days!

   It didnt dampen our spirits though.

The approach by Mark and Vicki was excellent and after having a group chat over coffee, we set off along the river which is a perfect spot for great images

Mark and Vicki are very knowledgeable with their craft and we all learned a thing or two due to the relaxed style they delivered to us. I have to say that they were both very patient with us all

Not only did we have a good laugh but more importantly, we all came away with a new way of taking a good landscape whatever the weather, Without doubt we all agreed that we would highly recommend Mark and Vicki for a day club workshop"

Ruth Lochrie, Lancaster Photographic Society

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