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"I would invite you to read the testimonials which Mark & I are proud to post on here and are written by 'students' who have now become friends! 

Mark has been teaching and running workshops for over 40 years now and personally learns something on every one that he undertakes. I have been lucky enough to be mentored by Mark over the last 3 years, now working as his assistant on both his 1-1 workshops and FUJIFILM workshops as well as running our immensely popular PHOTOWALKS together.  It is a pleasure to be asked to guide people, so that they can progress and attain the photographs that they want to proudly show off. That gives us great satisfaction!

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We had the best fun learning day with Mark! We both needed to get back to using and taking our cameras off automatic and we achieved that in the most enjoyable way. We had a great morning going over the basics which Mark teaches in the simplest way to remember. He started by critiquing our photos in a hugely helpful way and then we undertook a bit of fun class work so we could obtain the best from the camera in the most simplistic way. He made it so understandable and nothing was hurried or too much trouble. After the ‘classroom’ work, we went out on location to put it all into practice on a hugely enjoyable shoot after which we had a quick lesson in Lightroom. The whole day felt ‘slow’ in the best sense of the word . Nothing was rushed. Everything was geared so that we not only appreciated the cameras we had but just as importantly, spending time just enjoying what we were doing with the ultimate aim of shooting some great photographs. Which we did! I cannot recommend Mark and Vicky highly enough. If you, like me, had stopped using your camera in preference to your iPhone and want to really know what to do with your camera, and get the enthusiasm for starting to use it again, then without a doubt Mark is your man. Enthusiasm is his middle name and we can’t recommend him any higher!



“Just back from a workshop with Mark from Wast Water Photography. I’ve always been interested in photography but life kept getting in the way! But now I have retired I am able to take the first steps to develop this latent hobby. I searched the internet for a considerable time for one-to-one courses (and there are many), but I kept going back to one site all the time – namely ‘Wast Water Photography’. The site impressed me not only for other testimonials and the details about the course but also the landscape pictures in the galleries section and Mark’s description of ‘tailored’ workshops; I not only wanted to learn but wanted to learn in a relaxed atmosphere and with humour; all these were delivered in spades! I booked a 1-1 two-day workshop with Mark for early May and as requested sent him 12 of my best landscape images for him to assess where I was up to. Over coffee I detailed what I wanted from the two days and where I was up to with my camera controls then Mark gave me feedback on my images. Mark is an excellent teacher, very good at communication and everything was taught in a friendly, but more importantly, in a logical and straight forward process. He has a unique way of explaining the process of composition, metering, f-stops, shutter speed, focusing and finally evaluation. He explains all the dials that are needed to create an image. Importantly, to me as a novice, no question is treated as daft and he is more than willing to repeat anything. We then went out to Wast Water to put the theory into practice. Explaining back, in the field, what I had learnt was at first a little fear-provoking but Mark put me at ease all the time; he has a lot of patience and made the whole process extremely enjoyable – his sense of humour is not that bad! Important lessons? Patience and get it right in the camera. We then retired to the ‘office’ where we loaded the pictures into Lightroom and processed the images. This task took less than a minute because we had got it right in the camera in the first place and, as Mark says, keep it simple! On day two we headed out to different locations where I had to decide the compositions and put all that I had learnt into practice; extremely rewarding! I must mention here Mark’s assistant Vicky who not only provided much help along the way but carried the gear around – thanks Vicky! In summary I can’t believe that I learnt so much within the space of just two days. I have moved from auto to manual, being able to focus properly, using filters and I am beginning to compose images by choosing the right ingredients! And, very importantly, I now have the confidence to go out there and take pictures to be proud of. I would thoroughly recommend the course Thanks Mark”.


“I came all the way from Canada for a 3 day workshop with Mark in the beautiful Lake District because I was totally amazed with his method of shooting images. I had followed him on instagram for a while and knew he would be good to work with. I was right.
I had been on several workshops before and considered myself a decent photographer but when we sat down to go through his method I was puzzled yet ready to learn. However, it did not take long to feel at ease going through all the steps he was teaching me which are actually simple and easy to follow. Believe me they produce amazing results. Why don’ t other pro’s teach or work this way? With his 1-1 attention and being lucky that his assistant Vicki was there as well, I began to take photographs on a different level.
As one of his attendees had said previously, he should patent his method of doing landscape photography as everything is near perfect in the camera! They are right. Our processing took less than a minute!! The 3 days were very easy going with both Mark and Vicki and everything was so enjoyable. The places we went to are so beautiful and spectacular. I have honestly learned so much in just a short time and most importantly I think I have captured the SHOT of my lifetime. Thank you so much Mark and Victoria.”










I recently finished a four-day, one-to-one workshop in the Lake District with Mark Gilligan. His website, awards, career history and most importantly his images, prompted me to choose him over several others. Before we met, Mark requested a dozen or so of my images for him to gain an understanding of my ability and they were discussed on the opening morning of the workshop. My aim was/is to become a better photographer, comfortable in full manual mode, with a preference for long exposure images. Mark went through ‘his process’ before setting out and explained so much to me that others had never done. Not even via YouTube. It was easy to grasp due to the instruction provided by Mark and I was pleasantly surprised with my results on day one. The initial pace was carried out at my speed and Mark adopted a very relaxed instructional technique, often accompanied by good dry humour and banter: naturally the same was returned, all in very good spirits. I soon began to take on a more considered approach and by regularly evaluating my position and composition, vastly improved the image. Control was what Mark wanted me to achieve during the workshop and I soon began to understand this becoming more confident with my kit. Each day Mark, accompanied by his assistant, the very competent Vicky Procter took me to new locations. These provided me with opportunities to take images of landscapes, lakes, waterfalls and rivers. By the third day I was a lot more in control of what I was doing. I also became comfortable with the all-important filters, which he loaned me and I will be purchasing asap!. All images were shot in RAW and each session ended where I was shown how to process the images using Lightroom. It took under one minute! I now have some wonderful images in my possession which I am very proud of all thanks to Mark. I have learnt to be in control of my equipment, how to compose a good image (by “blending the correct ingredients”), and how to process the image.  In summary:  

• Mark’s website does him justice, and led me to choose him above others. Book him as he is without doubt a leader in his field.

• A variety of locations were used, to capture different settings. It really is bespoke and tailored to you

• An enjoyable relaxed atmosphere was adopted, progressing with my pace and ability.

• Good humour was refreshing throughout the workshop.

• I gained a huge amount of advice, technique, and admiration of Mark from the workshop.

 I will keep in touch with Mark as he is a very interesting guy. Fantastic, truly unique career in photography and TV which is really varied and interesting, However, photography is noticeably where his passion lies. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn what these cameras are all about and yes, the surroundings of the lakes made it all the more enjoyable! In fact I will probably book him for the Peak District next as it is nearer to my home. Without doubt he can teach anywhere! 


 Many thanks to you and Vicki for a really, really great day. Weather and all!

I got exactly what I wanted from it - the opportunity to take my time having a go at building up my confidence with long exposures. Thanks for all your
help and guidance as always, it's invaluable (and enjoyable!) This is my third time with you and we have never had ‘good weather’ but that hasn’t stopped us having a great workshop. The results speak for themselves. Looking forward to the next one with you. Thank you so much.


Mark, I just want to thank both you and Vicky for a great 2 day workshop where you took me to amazing locations so that I could further my aim of learning how to 'see the picture' and then how to create it in a photograph. I've finally learnt how to use a wide angle lens to best advantage - something that I have always struggled with - and learnt to love it. You also showed me amazing patience in helping me to learn a more straightforward way of processing my images as against the lengthy and complicated method that I have been using. And the whole time you have been very supportive, and also encouraged me to get on with it on my own when I became more confident with the technique. I will attend again in the not too distant future, perhaps during an autumn or spring workshop.”

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